Movies and TV series are becoming the most popular source of entertainment. Earlier peoples go to theater and enjoy their favorite movies with popcorn but not OTT platforms and free movie streaming sites are in the Game. There are lots of free movie streaming sites available but 123movies is the best among.

123Movies is the free streaming portal for movies and tv series lovers who loves to watch their desire movies and TV series online for free. There are lots sites like 123movies but this 123movies actually works. This 123 movies site is safe and free to watch.

Features of 123movies

Free subscription: Most of the popular streaming services that we readily see today ask us to get subscriptions done by paying a certain amount of money. They usually call for a subscription to access watching the contents that are featured out there! However, that's not the case with 123 movies. You will not need to pay even a single penny in order to access this platform, which makes the deal even more lucrative among the users. 

No account or Registration: Streaming platforms generally come with the hassle of creating an account by entering your credentials, be it your email address or any other social media account. With 123 movies, you will not require to create any account. You can enjoy watching anything on it without having an account for just free! 

Multiple genres: No matter which is your favorite category of shows, you will get to see any of them on 123 movies. It comprises of a lot of contents from different categories, which means, you get the privilege to watch any of them as you please!

No Downloading: A lot of times, online movie streaming websites ask you to download the show at first, and then only, you will be able to access the content and watch it. In short, you are wasting your time in downloading and then, watching it later on. With 123 movies, you can easily watch any of these contents seamlessly anytime. 

Saves money: You do not need to buy movie tickets any more! Want to spend some me-time watching your favorite shows? Simply, explore the range of movie options available on 123movies and you will easily be able to watch it on the expense of nothing but just your internet bills. 

Multiple Device Compatibility: The best part about 123 movies is that it is compatible across all streaming devices - laptop, smart phones, PCs, and tablets too! Therefore, you can also continue watching the shows while you are on the go!